Wellness Exams


Pediatric Care

Geriatric Care

Hospice Care

Behavior and Nutritional Consulting

Skin and Ear Problems

Parasitic monitoring and control

Blood work screening and assessment

Hospitalization and intensive care

Pain management

Emergency Services (during normal business hours)

Dental exams


Client Services

Day boarding and drop off services


Nail trims

Anal gland expression

Specialty Services:


 General Surgery:

Includes but is not limited to:

Routine spays and neuters

Soft tissue surgeries

Mass removals

Ophthalmic procedures


Dewclaw removal and tail-docking of neonates.

Ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing

Dental extractions


To ensure the safety and comfort of our surgical patients, we offer the following services:

-Preanesthetic bloodwork screening to monitor for potential metabolic problems

-IV catheters are placed

-IV fluids are administered if the procedure lasts longer then 20 min,

-Heart rate, pulse ox, temperature, EKG, and blood pressure are monitored while under anesthesia.

-We use gas anesthesia for all of our surgical procedures (the same gas anesthetic that is used in human hospitals)

-Patients are placed upon a heated surgical table to minimize heat loss and postoperative complications

-Patients are closely monitored by skilled veterinary assistants during the recovery phase of surgery, and are given appropriate pain medications to manage any post-operative pain they might experience.