We offer both routinely scheduled and emergency surgical services to our clients and patients. We have a dedicated surgical suite, equipped with high quality monitoring and supportive equipment. An experienced and highly trained veterinary assistant is assigned to each patient from the time they are initially sedated, during the entire surgical procedure, until they are in complete recovery. Our patients are supported with multiple pieces of equipment designed to keep them warm and stable during the surgical experience, and our anesthetic protocols are individually tailored to each patient and their specific health concerns. In addition, we schedule a pre-operative visit to ensure complete understanding between the veterinary surgeon and the owner about what the surgical procedure will entail, and to perform pre-operative blood work to be sure we know that the patient is healthy enough to undergo the procedure or what other challenges anesthesia may present us with. Th allows us to carefully plan any additional measures which may have to put into place for our very sick or geriatirec patients, to ensure that we obtain best outcome possible.  We also schedule a discharge appointment so that the doctor and owner can discuss the exact surgical findings, and go over discharge instructions that the patient is to follow once they go home. Some of the more common surgical procedures that we perform include spays (OHE's), neuters, ultrasonic dental cleaning and polishing, dental extractions and some oral surgery, mass removals, enucleations, GI foreign body removals, as well as other soft tissue procedures.