Wellness exams are an important part of keeping our pets healthy and happy. During this time, veterinarians and owners have an opportunity to discuss any observed changes in the animals health, body condition and behaviors that may have arisen since the last exam. This discussion helps our veterinarians understand new challenges that the patient may be facing. After going over this recent history with the owner, a thorough exam and assessment of the patient will be performed. This includes documenting changes in weight, listening to the heart and lungs, checking the eyes, ears, and skin for signs of problems, palpating the abdomen, checking the lymph nodes, and observing the patient for signs of ongoing disease. Very frequently, subtle changes in the history or condition of the pet can result in our ability to detect a problem early, allowing the start of appropriate treatment before the condition becomes a serious or life threatening risk to the patient. In order to do this effectively, laboratory testing is sometimes recommended. This allows us to be able to diagnose and treat parasitic, signs of infection, changes in organ function, or diagnosing early chronic conditions.