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We are an Athens, GA vet clinic focused on providing quality comprehensive animal health care services for all types of pets.

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Your Vet in Athens, GA

We practice wellness care and preventative veterinary medicine for animals of all ages and breeds. We’re always ready to welcome new patients. Bring your pet to see us for all of their health care needs.

Your pet should have a complete dental examination at least once a year. We provide dental X-rays, teeth cleaning and polishing, cavity fillings and tooth extractions, and dental surgery.

To protect your pet from the diseases they are most at risk from, we provide a complete set of all the core and recommended vaccines for dogs and cats.

Excellence in veterinary health care is much more than treating illness and injury when it occurs. The best way to keep your pet active and healthy at every stage of their life is to prevent disease and bad health from developing. Regular physical exams, diagnostic testing, nutrition and diet analysis, parasite control, vaccinations, spay and neuter, and lifestyle modification are all part of promoting good health and well-being and providing your Athens, GA vet with an early diagnosis to prescribe appropriate treatment for physical disorders.

We maintain a state-of-the-art surgical suite at our facility supported by a fully-equipped diagnostic laboratory to provide the very best surgical services for your pet. Some of the most common surgical procedures we provide include spay and neuter, oral surgery, tumor removal, abdominal and soft tissue procedures, ophthalmic surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

Pediatric and Geriatric Care

We believe that pets should receive the specialized care they need to stay healthy and vigorous throughout every stage of their lives. Just like humans, pets need special types of care when they are very young and in their senior years, and we have specific programs and services to provide for them.

Boulevard Animal Hospital

Allergies and infections can cause misery and suffering for your pet. Many types of common skin allergies can’t be cured, but the pain, discomfort, and itching associated with them can be alleviated with special medications and baths. Ear problems and infections can also be chronic but they also can be controlled with cleaning and medication.

We can provide long-term hospitalization and intensive care services for your pet when needed.

The Boulevard Animal Hospital is ready to provide all the services necessary to keep your pet happy, healthy, and well throughout their lives.


The kindness shown at Boulevard Animal Hospital is the best vet I could ever recommend. There isn’t a single person on the staff that isn’t caring and empathetic. Even during Covid I still felt like they spent the time to truly understand the issues and give me guidance while sincerely caring about my fur babies. Thank you.

Heather Dellinger

Boulevard Animal Hospital took care of our sweet old kitties for more than a decade and helped us say goodbye when it was time. Now they are caring for our new kittens, and we know our kiddos are in good hands! We love the thoughtful, sensitive staff, and we’ve been so impressed with their covid precautions as well!

Tanya Hudson

I brought my, now what I consider to be dramatic, cat Monkey in as an emergency. They took care of him right away and kept me informed of every step they were taking. Turns out my cat lost a fight and acted like his world was ending. Thank you so much for helping us and handling the situation so quickly.

Ash Ward

The whole staff was wonderful. They called the next day to make sure our new puppy wasn’t having any reaction to her vaccine and sent a handwritten thank you card for choosing their business! 10/10 recommend!

Emily VanSickle

Wonderful staff and doctors!!! My son rescued a 2 year old dog that had heart worms and they patiently went through all the steps to help him. They were always available to answer his questions and he called a lot because this was his first pet! I’m happy to report that my son’s dog is now heart worm free and doing great! I would highly recommend Boulevard Animal Hospital, everyone is so caring and competent!

Melanie Doar Stein

We’ve been in Athens for about 8 years and we’ve been using Boulevard for 7. Over the years we have tried other vets that were closer to us but Boulevard ALWAYS beat them out with the service and amazing staff. They will be our vet for as long as we remain in Athens and I recommend them any chance I get. Mia and Molly love Boulevard!

Ashley McCullough

I love this place for my kitty!! They even called the next day to check on him when he had an upper respiratory infection! They also sent a sweet card after his second visit. I will continue to bring my furbaby here for as long as I live in Athens or within an hour away!

Heather Blankenship

I have had my baby Pearl for three days and we just had our first appointment with boulevard yesterday. They called today to check on Pearl and I couldn't be more satisfied with the service, professionalism, and overall love for their fur babies they have provided.

Lindsay Giedl